Giorgio Armani Code ultimate intense EDP 50 ml for Women -France

-20%  Giorgio Armani Code ultimate intense EDP 50 ml for Women -France

Giorgio Armani fragrances introduces Armani Code for woman in an incredibly sexy, erotic and mysterious creation the new Armani Code Femme Ultimate, a scent that is the best pairing of sensuality and glamour.

The original Armani Code for women made its debut in 2006 and now we discover this floral-oriental expression of the classic version, accelerating a woman's magnificence, sensuality and attraction. Armani Code Ultimate Femme is the female's equal of the men's Armani Code Ultimate launched in 2012 and arrives subsequent to the magnificent Armani Code Couture Edition.

Referred to as the most outstanding blend of sensuality and enchantment, rich in Arabic coffee beans and vanilla accords, the formula of the aroma Armani Code Ultimate Femme begins with bitter orange zests mixed with ginger and pear sorbet. The personality of the fragrance is exhibited in the heart with splendid orange blossom, mixed with Sambac jasmine and Arabic coffee, while the base is enhanced with the softness of sensual vanilla and balmy woods.

Glamorous style and classiness is displayed on the bottle of Armani Code Ultimate with deep blue sapphire shades, with a silver grey outlining, accurately tracing the image of the orange blossom style.

The new Armani Code Ultimate Femme perfume by Giorgio Armani fragrances will be on the market from the end of September 2014 in editions of 30ml and 50ml in Eau de Parfum formulation.

Made in France

Ten Point Guide to Check Your Perfume is Genuine :

The Price : If it’s too cheap or hugely discounted, there’s a high probability it’s a fake.

The Place : Buy your favorite perfume only from authorized and licensed retailers who clearly state this.

The Serial Number : Look for control numbers, batch number or the serial number. The serial number should match on the bottle and box.

Quality of Package : Note its thickness, clarity and overall quality. Brittle or cloudy cellophane is a red flag.

Spellings : An ‘authentic’ designer perfume box with a spelling mistake or print error is clearly a fake.

Color : Genuine fragrances are never murky or cloudy. If there are sediments or particles in the bottle, it’s a fake.

Container : Examine the quality of the fragrance bottle. Check for thickness, clarity, scratches, air bubbles or discoloration.

Look at the bottle's cap : Check the color, shape and quality of the molding.

Texture : Feel the fragrance between your fingers for excessive oiliness, a common sign of a fake perfume.

Smell : Counterfeit fragrances are often made improperly. Normally, when perfume is attached to alcohol, it is placed in cans for few days to settle. Fakes often skip this step, so the composition is messy, flat and unpleasant.


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Made inFrance
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